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The Armagnacs of Cassaigne are amongst the most prestigious of the appellation. ‘Eau de vie’, or brandy, is intrinsically linked to the history of the Chateau where prior even to the French Revolution the Bishops “burnt” wine made from the property’s grapes to transform it into AYGUE ARDENT (aqua ardens in Latin) .

Armagnac is made from Ugni Blanc and Colombard grapes grown on the Chateau’s coolest terroir which encourages a superb acidity.

The wines are then “burnt” during the winter following the harvest in a traditional Armagnac pot still by our travelling distiller.

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At the heart of the Ténarèze (one of Armagnac’s three terroirs), Château de Cassaigne has always made elegant, powerful, distinguished Armagnacs, refined by a long, slow period of oak-ageing.

The Chateau is also known for the high quality of its Floc de Gascogne which won 4 medals at the General Agricultural Show in six years, as well as for its liqueurs, its Armagnac-based fruit crèmes, and its famous prunes steeped in Armagnac.

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